"The comic really strikes a cord with its reader – whether you’re a music fan (Neil puts in plenty of references to his favorite bands), a superhero fan, or a fan of realism in comics, you’ll find something to enjoy in The Black Hat. Imagine something with the indie rawness of Ghost World mashed up with the crime-fighting stylings of Marvel and DC."
Amy Dittmeier | Pocket Protectors - heavemedia.com

"Neil Sabatino's The Black Hat is reminisent of Zap Comix and classic superhero comics like Batman, but, it isn't your typical superhero story. It is my favorite kind of comic, one where the artist really believes and tries to create something new."
S. M. Vidaurri | Iron: Or, the Propagandist: The Story of the War After

"a bizarro mash-up of Don Quixote and Kick-Ass...Sabatino’s style immediately brings to mind Tony Millionaire, and at times also reminds me of Jeff Lemire."
Chad Derkins | JerseyBeat.com

"beautifully illustrated story that sets the stage for what could be a fascinating comic
Lazlo | BlowUpRadio.Com


COLORED PANELS: 1 | 2| 3 | 4

Character Designs: The Main Characters

So friends, many things have changed over the course of the last few years since the first drawings for The Black Hat. Currently we are discussing the book with a handful of publishers and we have a revamped version of everything available for you to download above as a PDF or Power Point. Currently Volume 2 is in production and it will conclude The Black Hat story. I hope you enjoy the reworked version of volume one.

N. (June 2013)

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